Fields of Gold

We’ve been in Parkes for almost three weeks (excluding a quick two-day trip back to Sydney). Below are a few things we have experienced since moving here.

Canola Fields

  1. Everyone is so friendly! We feel so welcomed and I’m pretty sure Ian made a new best friend at OPSM.
  2. The speed limit in town is 50km/h. Which is fine, and normal, but actually very confusing at the same time, because the streets are very wide. It feels like you should be travelling at 70km/h. In saying that though, Ian has fit right in a drives at a comfortable 40km/h (he’s a granny at heart).
  3. The scenery is magical out here. At the moment the canola fields are almost ready for harvest, so on the way to work I see rolling hills with trees dotted, and it’s just beautiful. I am so thankful for the calm and quiet out here.
  4. Ian goes for walks in the country! We’ve gone for a number of walks; up hills, across fields, down back lanes and dirt roads- it’s so fun to explore our town!
  5. We have a Coles, Woolies, Aldi, Big W, Target, three different Chinese restaurants, and an all you can eat Pizza-Hut! It’s definitely not as small as I thought. And some stores even do Thursday late night shopping.

I’m sure it will still take some time to feel like home, but we are enjoying it so far!



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